About Us

Welcome to Bad Stitch Goods, where the art of leather craftsmanship is a legacy passed down through generations, from father to son. Rooted in the wisdom of traditional methods, the artistry behind our leather goods is a living testament to lessons learned and honed over time.

Founded in 2021 by father and son, our story is one of a shared commitment to creating handcrafted leather goods of the utmost detail and quality. The essence of traditional methods isn't just in the techniques; it's in the stories shared, the hours spent side by side, and the values instilled from one generation to the next.


Our Craftsmanship:

At Bad Stitch Goods, we take pride in the meticulous details that set our handcrafted leather goods apart. Every item is a testament to the harmony of tradition and innovation, combining age-old techniques with a contemporary touch. From sourcing the finest leather to the final stitch, our dedication to quality is unwavering.

Our Commitment:

Since our inception, we've been on a journey to create more than just products – we craft stories, memories, and connections. We invite you to explore our collection and experience the passion that goes into each piece. Thank you for being a part of our story.